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Grown-ish’s Most Unlikely Duo Hooked Up and We Love it

06 March 2019
Here's how it all started...
Ana and Aaron hook up on Grownish

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Nothing beats a love story. But it gets even better when it’s the unconventional kind. On the 5th episode of Grown-ish Season 2, titled “Girls Like You”, Aaron and Ana shared their first kiss, breaking a whole lot of tension.

It all started when Ana who was fuming from her confrontation with Nomi, was comforted by Aaron. He pointed out that she wasn’t very open to hearing other people’s points of view and trying out new things, to which she initially disagreed. After some time, she realized that he might be onto something.

With that, Ana, Aaron, Viviek and Jazz and Sky decide to each tryout something they’ve never done. For Ana that means trying out pizza with pineapple and riding a scooter.

And just as Ana found herself riding his scooter, she also found herself locking lips with Aaron. Whether it’s to say that the two will hook up, we don’t know yet. But if they do, we’re excited!

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