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Did Zoey Pick the right Grown-ish Guy?

13 February 2019
Zoey's surprise romantic decision hasn't turned out the way she hoped it would.
grownish season 2

Grown-ish Season 1 ended with a twist many were not expecting. Zoey Johnson unexpectedly chose Luca Hall over longtime love interest Aaron Jackson.

During the season 2 premiere of Grown-ish, we finally got to see how Zoey’s decision panned out. Much of the season 2 opener revolved around Zoey’s excitement over Luca’s return from spending summer holidays in Paris. However, by the end of episode 1, Zoey finds out that Luca is already on campus, but hasn’t said anything to her. When Zoey tries to confront him, he finds nothing wrong with his actions. On top of that, he falls asleep on her.

Read all about the first episode of season 2 of Grown-ish here.

In the following episode entitled “Nothing Was The Same”, Zoey and Luca’s relationship turns out to be even more unsatisfying. From the onset, we see Luca’s disinterest in taking photos with Zoey or cuddling with her whilst watching movies. However, the issues are deeper than that.

Zoey is looking for more in a relationship and it seems she’s not getting it from Luca. She wants someone who improves her shine and looks like they want to be around her. She doesn’t want someone who covers their face in every selfie she tries to take.

Can the two come to a point where they understand each other’s outlook on love? Or, is it the end of the road for Zoey and Luca?

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Zoey's Relationship

Did Zoey make the right choice?