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Could Zoey and Aaron Rekindle Their Relationship? – Grown-ish Finale

18 October 2019
Luca and Zoey are over! Does this mean Aaron and Zoey could get back together?

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After a huge fall-out between Zoey and Luca, we’re left wondering whether this could be the chance for Aaron and Zoey to rekindle their relationship?

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With her relationship with Luca seemingly over, Zoey set her sights on having a hot girl Summer in none either than London. She accepted a job role in the Joey Bada$$ flagship store, packed up her bags and headed for her dream job.

But guess who drove her to the airport? Aaron of course!

Following some flirtatious banter, she took a moment to appreciate her ex-bae. “You’re always here without me having to ask,” she told him. She also recalled a time he was there for her through everything from her very first big fight with Luca to figuring out her major subjects at varsity – all without ever having to ask him.

This triggered numerous flirty exchanges which ended in a kiss.

Luca showed up at the airport, only a split second too late 😔

Zoey was off to London ✈️

What will come of everything that happened on the Grown-ish Season 2 finale we’ll have to wait for Grown-ish Season 3.

Until then, you can catch the latest season 2 episodes on DStv Catch Up.