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Is it time for Zoey to grow up?

17 April 2019
Dre's decision to cut Zoey off leaves her confused.

If you’ll recall from last week’s episode, Zoey Johnson did the unthinkable when she cheated on her chemistry final exams. This prompted her professor to call her to plead her case in front of the advisory board.

Luckily for her, she’s put on academic probation instead of being kicked out of Cal U (which mind you, was a possibility). It seems that she’s also learnt her lesson as she takes the decision to step it up.

However, when news of her cheating lands on her father’s ears, he doesn’t care that the college has put her on probation. Instead, he decides that Zoey simply cannot be trusted. He cuts Zoey off and suggests that the only way Zoey will remain at Cal U is if she pays for her own studies.

And once in Zoey’s life, she has no idea about how to deal with Dre’s decision. In her father’s eyes, Zoey has had a lot of things come very easily to her, and instead of flourishing, Zoey has used everything that has been given to her to skate through life.

Perhaps, this is the perfect time for Zoey to learn how to push through college and life in general without the comfort of a safety net.

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