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There's a Family Rift Brewing for The Debezas - Grassroots

30 July 2019
Asanda turned to blackmailing his father to corner him into paying for his school fees. Is he playing with fire?

The second epside of Grassroots sure brought all the tantrums we'd least expected to see. A usually composed Mr Buzwe Debeza lost his cool a few times after finding out that Asanda had fled to Johannesburg, where he will be attending at St Sebestien's High School. Since he's been reluctant to allow his son to leave the Eastern Cape to pursue his rugby dreams, and an acedemic career in Johannesburg, the young man's departure was executed in secret. 

It's not the kind of secret that can be kept for too long. If your son has left the entire province, you are likely to find out at some point. Probably during the same day, when you return home and he's nowhere to be found. Such happened to Buzwe, who found himself being a recepient of a long explanation from his wife, Epainette, who plotted and executed Asanda's admission at the boy's school. She did it all – from finding a way to get him excepted despite losing scholarship to Monwabisi, to booking flights and getting Asanda all set. 

Livid, Buzwe decided he'd blow the whole thing up. He booked the first ticket to Johannesburg the following day, with the aim of returning with his son. Storming the school offices and causing quite the scene, Mr. Debeza succeeded in getting Asanda yanked out of his classroom into the corridors, where he intended to speak some sense to him. We now know that this move was not the best idea. Asanda, after a heated confrontation, dropped the bomb. If his father failed to pay for his school fees and support his decision to stay at th school, he would expose a very dark family secret, one which concerns his arch rival, Monwabisi. 

As chilling as it was, the blackmail seemed to work to get Mr. Debeza to back off. Of course, we now know that Asanda has him on some kind of a leash because he knows something massive. What is it?

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