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Saved By An Arch Enemy - Grassroots

14 August 2019
Monwabisi is shocked to discover who was the first to come to his rescue. (SPOILERS ALERT)
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Have you ever had your life saved by your sworn enemy? Perhaps not  – not all of us are entangled in long standing family battles which produce life long rivals we can’t seem to escape. 

But shocking plot twists and mind-blowing life surprises are something we all know about. Monwabisi couldn’t believe his ears when Sphaka revealed to him the truth about who was the first to dive into the pool to save his life. 

Asanda, who’s supposed to Monwabisi’s number one public enemy, had to defy the misguided orders of a certain Carl, the rugby team’s incumbent team, as he couldn’t see beyond his ego fuelled power trip. 

He’d been intending to keep Monwabisi unable to breathe a little longer, inside a locker in the depths of the school swimming pool, when Asanda gallantly dived in to initiate a process of rescue. 

It’s because of this brave action that Monwabisi, who’s still deep traumatised by the near death experience, is still walking around St Sebestien’s. 

While some would have expressed gratitude to whoever saved their lives, Monwabisi’s rage and ongoing conflict with Asanda simply led him to believe that Asanda’s brave acts can’t possibly mean that much. In fact, he instantly felt a nudge of suspicion, questioning why Asanda felt the need to save him. Had he been part of the whole thing? 

After all, they are enemies. Right? 

For this reason, Monwabisi was quick to turn down Sphaka’s suggestion that the three should come to a truce and forge an alliance that will enable them to navigate the harshly raced atmosphere in the boy’s school. 


Catch Grassroots on Fridays at 19:30 on 1Magic, DStv channel 103.