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Key Moments from Premiere Episode – Grassroots

25 July 2019
The war is on!

Three moments we are still thinking about from the first episodes of Grassroots. 


The opening episode in the highly anticipated episode sets a chilling scene that gives us a glimpse of what is potentially a bloody ending to an old rift between Asanda and Monwabisi. It starts off with Asanda storming into his home to fetch a gun. 

He rushes out the door despite his mother’s teary pleas. Overwhelmed by rage, the scene cuts to moments later when he is waging a gun between Asanda and his father. Desperate attempt to calm him down end in a gunshot whose target we are yet to find out. 


Ms. Busika walks into a job interview at St Sebastiens. The panel is predominantly white and male, which presents very unique and very real challenges that face many woman. 

In this scene, two themes the show scales are laid bare. Ms. Busika is met with resistance as her lack of experience is dealing with the unique texture and reality of an all boys school. 

Her cold interview is laced with many discourses which the show does not shy away from exploring. The treatment she endures is both raced and gendered. We see intersectionality at play, and we see this professional woman having to fight. 


By now, we already know that Asanda and Monwabisi’s rivalry is not going to fizzle out any time soon. Their feud is rooted in a long running family rift that has torn to shreds the lives several persons from both parties. 

We know now that they have they are coming into their manhood through the traditional structures and practices, and part of that entails them standing up for their homes. Being sworn enemies, the young men must navigate a turf in which they both move. 

On the rugby field, Monwabisi storms into the field after insisting the coach puts him on. He charges straight for Asanda, tossing him down with a rough tackle that led Asanda to a health professional’s room. It’s quite clear now the war is one the young men will really have to keep an eye on. Asanda’s career is rugby is already at stake. 

Catch Grassroots on Fridays at 19:00, exclusive to 1Magic, DStv channel 103.