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Is Monwabisi Dead? – Grassroots

06 August 2019
(SPOILER ALERT) Friday night's third episode of Grassroots left us with a deadly cliffhanger

We now know two things about Miss Busika's call to ban the long running tradition of initiation at St. Sebestien; it was meant with resistance. Mr. Vijoen, the rugby coach put his foot down to Miss Busika's transformative shift or regulation, accusing her of messing with traditions just to protect Asanda and Monwabisi. The second thing is that she might have been too late. 

In fact, the new ban on initiation tactics lies at the centre of what might be the biggest scandal dealt by the school. Carl and the rest of the rugby team all decided to retaliate by subjecting both Asanda and Monwabisi to their most extreme initiation methods yet. 

Taking it too far, they load Monwabisi onto a locker, locked it and tossed it inside the pool. As you can imagine, the there’s not enough oxygen doing the rounds in that thing. It’s also not waterproof, so water started flooding right in the minute the locker sunk to the depths of the pool, in the middle of the night. And not to mention, we don’t know much about Monwabisi’s ability to swim his way out, even if the boys were to try and rescue him on time. 

Now we are left with a potential situation of a really dark outcome. Monwabisi could sustain some pretty serious injuries in the process. Worst still, we could be having the first death at St. Seb’s. What’s going to happen?

All eyes are on Grassroots, Fridays at 19:30 on 1Magic, DStv channel 103.