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Top Moments in Episode Two - Grassroots

26 July 2019
All roads led to Johannesburg for Asanda and Monwabisi in the second episode of 1Magic's much talked about Grassroots
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The season one premiere of Grassroots was critically lauded as feedback on the social media atreets was overwhelmingly positive torwards the show and it's talented cast. 

The show was commended for many reasons by viewers and critiques, most notably for the outstanding quality in writing, production and of course the acting. We were introduced to the sordid secrets that sustained an irreconcilable rift between the Debezas and the Nalas, whose youngest sons have inheroited the most contentious parts of the long running family feud. Here were some of the most talked about moments on episode two


A mother would go really far to help their child move forward. Such was the case when Epainette decided to  do help her son gain entrance into St Sebestien, despite him losing the scholarship to his rival, Monwabisi. It worked, right until the point Buzwe, her husband, found out. Not under my watch, he charged, throwing a massive tantrum and threatening to fly to Joburg straight away to get Asanda. He did, and later wish he hadn’t… 


In a plot twist that will surely make these next few Fridays drama filled, both Monwabisi and Asanda found out they were placed in the same room in the school! The roommates, who couldn’t despise any further if the could help it, will now have a way to keep their feud in check on the campus. That didn’t work too well on the first day for the boys, though… 


You hate to see it! Buzwe’s beloved song threatened to spill some beans when he dramatically flew all the way to Johannesburg to get his song to pack up and leave St Sebs. It all happened after he found out Asanda’s departure happened as a blindside orchestrated by Asanda and his mom, Epainette. 


Catch Grassroots Fridays at 19:30, exclusive to 1Magic, DStv. Channel 103.