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This Will Probably Be The Last Time 50 Cent Plays 'This Kind of Guy' – For Life

24 June 2020
Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson talks about his character on For Life as well as securing the show.
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Curtis Jackson, better known as 50 Cent, has definitely made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. The G-Unit Film and Television head just landed himself a star on the iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame, cementing his name in the industry.

Lately, 50 Cent can be seen on the drama series For Life, which he not only stars in but also produces. He plays a hardened inmate named, Cassius Dawkins. Speaking to Fox News, 50 Cent spoke about the roles he typically plays in the shows he has appeared in.

Although 50 Cent said that he commonly plays guys “that like to do bad things,” he told Fox News that his role on For Life would probably be the last time people will see him portraying a hardened criminal or a co-conspirator.

“I’m just offering what I know the audience is willing to embrace at the present moment and therefore, now I’m moving to some different things like this,” he explained when asked on what basis he accepts his roles.

Talking about his character, 50 Cent said, “I play Cassius Dawkins. He’s institutionalised. He has been in for a very long time, since he was like, 16. He’s 30-something years old now. He finds more significance in just doing the wrong thing.”

Explaining how he secured the rights for the show, 50 Cent said, “… a friend of ours, me and Isaac's, brought him to me and introduced me to his actual – well, they wanted me to come to their actual boxing event.”

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Although the event was not legal, 50 Cent wasn’t going to go anywhere until they figured something out. “So, they hired Isaac to figure out how to legalize the event. And after they legalized it, they brought him to make me – to assure me that it was actually legal. And then I was, like, ‘Okay.  I'll come.’ And then he got into communications and we started talking about a story.  And then I was like, ‘Yo! This is a hit.’"

50 Cent then secured the rights to the story right there and then, saying that he knew the story was going to be a hit.

For Life airs Wednesdays at 20:30 only on One Magic, DStv Channel 103.