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Nicholas Pinnock On The Weight of Portraying Aaron – For Life

18 June 2020
Nicholas Pinnock, the lead actor on For Life, talks about the physicality of the role.
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In 1 Magic’s new Wednesday-night drama For Life, Nicholas Pinnock plays New Yorker, Aaron Wallace. Aaron is wrongly accused of being in possession of drugs and is sentenced to life in prison. Behind bars, Aaron becomes a self-taught lawyer who fights for the justice of other inmates, while trying to win back his own freedom.

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Pinnock, a well-known British actor, spoke to Gold Derby, saying that, going into the role, he felt that the weight of Aaron’s world was literally on top of him. “I worked with his shoulders being hunched and him trying and fighting to stand proud and be upright.”

Giving an analogy of the physicality of the role, Pinnock continued to say: “It’s like two negative ends of a magnet trying to press together, but they just won’t, so he, from the inside, is trying to be his former self.”

Pinnock also touched on the importance of marrying the text of the show with Aaron’s physicality. When you watch the flashbacks of the show, you can see the differences between Aaron before he was imprisoned and the time when he was behind bars, Pinnock said. “[In the flashbacks], you see that he is a lot more open with his chest and he’s more upright and there’s a pride and a sense of life.” When you see him in prison, there’s that shoulder hunch.

For Pinnock, it was important to delve into various the nuances of his character. “I very much like to marry the text with the physicality, because they have to complement each other, so if my physicality is not in line with the text, I don’t feel I’m telling the true story from its subtext right through to its surface if I’m off on that, so I played with his physicality a lot.”

Catch Pinnock as he continues to portray Aaron Wallace on For Life, Wednesdays at 20:30