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For Life Season 2: Aaron Is Out of Prison But Is Prison Out of Him?

17 November 2020
Aaron Wallace struggles to adjust to life out of prison in season two of For Life.
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Image: connect.sonypictures.com

The trailer for 50 Cent’s legal drama For Life is out and shows that Aaron Wallace has been released from prison. However, what is not known is how Wallace managed to get himself out of prison.

The drama is inspired by Isaac Wright’s own story after he was wrongly accused and convicted of being in the possession of drugs. He was sentenced to life in prison in 1991. While serving his sentence, Wright spent his time in prison helping to overturn the wrongful convictions of his fellow inmates, before he represented himself and proved his own innocence in 1996.

During the season one finale of For Life, Wallace (played by British actor Nicholas Pinnock), managed to get himself a retrial, much to Glen Maskins’ disappointment. Season two picks up a few days after Wallace’s retrial where Maskins makes him an offer that will save his wife from a possible punishment for violating HIPAA laws to track down a person of interest in Aaron’s case. But the same offer could possibly leave Aaron in a position where he is unable to practice law as a free man.

Speaking to TV Line, Pinnock said that no matter how Wallace managed to get himself out of prison, one thing that is for sure is that he won’t be returning back into society without the weight of the world on his shoulders.

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“There is the weight of everything that he went through last season, but with the added responsibility of who he is now as a husband and a father which is something we explore a lot more … than we were able to in Season 1.”

After all, Aaron “was in prison for almost 10 years, and he was on the border of being institutionalized, so there are certain prison aspects of Aaron that are still with him now that he’s on the outside,” Pinnock noted. “He’s not a free man going straight back into regular everyday social life. He’s having to adapt — and that adaptation puts on him a weight of its own.”

Although word on when For Life season two will premiere on 1 Magic, you can visit Showmax for the first full season of the show.