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Everyday Struggle


Thoughts on Beyoncè and Jay Z's joint album – Everyday Struggle

22 March 2019
Here's what your fave tribe of the culture will be dissecting next week
<p>Everyday Struggle</p>

Jay Z and Beyoncé delighted fans when they unleashed a suprise joint album in July, 2018. The music business's ultimate power copy did what they've now surely mastered, captured the imagination of the culture and the headlines by debuting a body of work, on a Sunday, when everyone least expected. Everything is Love is a 9 track project that finds the two power players reconciling the marital woes we were familiarised with on their previous solo albums. 

DJ Akedemiks, Nadeska and Wayno weigh in on whether or not this is an album we needed at this point at time. Critics have taken kindly to Beyoncé's switch up of flows, as many command her smooth transition to rap verses this album. But while there's no dount that the beyhive is impressed with Bey showvasing a different layer to her seemingly elastic talent, Akedemiks has been open about his take on the more aggressive side of Beyoncé. 

Jay Z, one of the biggest Hip Hop artists of all time, moved on from 4:44 to Everything Is Love with one through line in his narrative – legacy. He's clearly moved on from his previous landscape of artistry to splay some knowledge on Economics. He's talking about equity, and in the process tossing a few of the rappers under the bus. There's rife speculation that some of it is aimed at Drake, and bits of it at Kanye West, but Jay Z was happy to shoot it all down last year. 

Sonically, Everything Is Love delivers a solid masterpiece for both artists. What do these three think?

Catch it all on Monday at 23:30 on 1Magic, DStv channel 103.