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Will Sharon ever get a happily ever after?

24 March 2022
A timeline of Sharon's relationship woes
Hard Life

Just when we thought Shaz was finally going to be happy and settled, she got hit with the news that Julius, her true love, is not only a baby daddy but also a deadbeat one. And who delivered this news but the baby Mama, and unwittingly at that.

It seems Shaz just can’t get her relationships right? Just when she’s about to remove herself from a seemingly toxic one, another entanglement has her in a tight hold.

Sizwe and Julius have turned out to be the wrong men for her and it seems she realises this when she reaches out to see her little man, Ntando. But has she also played a part in things turning out the way it did? Let’s check out her timeline of love woes.

Shaz gets married to the love of her life, Sizwe – amidst a little wedding drama but, let’s be honest, would it be a wedding without drama? Soon Sizwe begins to doubt the paternity of his son and demands a DNA test, which Sharon is scared to do because there’s another baby daddy on the horizon, Julius, a man she loved a long time ago (or not so long ago).

Sizwe acts like an absolute fool until she agrees to do the test. He’s hostile, denies her wifely rights (wink, wink) and continues to demand the DNA test.

The DNA test reveals Sizwe is in fact the father of Ntando and he’s so proud to be the one that, you know, dropped the seed that got cultivated but by now something has gone cold in Sharon and she’s not feeling him like before.

She turns to Julius who has been a gentleman all this DNA time and by that I mean, pestering her to rekindle their passion in a very gentlemanly manner. Sizwe sees her and Julius looking very cosy and finds out she and Julius have kissed.

But she’s not the only one keeping secrets when she finds out that Sizwe slept with Tsepi who has been convinced they are both in an open relationship. Sounds like a lot. No wonder things get entangled.

Julius is disappointed Ntando is not his but by then he and Shaz are within cuddles. Shaz has had enough of Sizwe, is no longer taking his insults and is willing to pursue things with Julius to the end.

Then she gets an interesting client who’s suing their baby daddy. She’s ready to fight the cause of this helpless woman until she discovers that Julius is, in fact, the deadbeat father. I mean the picture of him topless is enough proof for anyone.

Her world came crashing down same time as all ours did.

She confronts him and he doesn’t deny being the father but says he has no access to his child and the mother is in it for what she can get financially. Shaz doesn’t believe him and after an emotional confrontation chooses to go be with Ntando. So, although we were heartbroken over Julius, we celebrated that she chose little man over those two.

Maybe she’s not taking responsibility for her role in all of this, for now, but she sure is trying to fix herself by going back to basics.

And we are all rooting for her.


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