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Oops… Sharon did it again! – Entangled

21 February 2022
Just when we thought Sharon has managed to loosen herself, she becomes even more entangled. What's a sister to do?
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Last week was a lot for Sharon. Things came full circle just when she thought everything was falling into place.

But before we go into that. Anyone notice that last week’s #Entangled was tinged with a little sadness? It brought to mind the power of loss. Obviously there was the big loss of a parent with Zenani but also a loss of a relationship past, between Julius and Sharon. The loss of a son when Julius finds out he’s not the father of Ntando. The loss of dreaming of a future you want as you have to face the present reality.

What could have been. What should have been. What will never be.

Just when we think, everything has fallen into place for Sharon, choosing Sizwe and their son over Julius, fate strikes again when she gives Julius a goodbye hug and Sizwe watches them from a distance. How is she going to explain that for Sizwe to understand?

Let’s tune in again this week and see what happens. Who are you rooting for?


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