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Is Love Enough To Carry Through A Relationship?

16 February 2022
What is love? Sharon and friends learn daily that love needs more than butterflies in one's tummy. Love means commitment.
Shaz and Sizwe

This being the month of love, one can only reflect on relationships and romance and everything else that comes with it.

Valentine’s day is that one day we can pretend or not that all is well in our relationships. But what about the other days? Cynics will tell you that you should be loved and romanced every day and not just that one day of the year. Valentine’s day is not just flowers and chocolate and romantic dinners. What it doesn’t show you is how complicated relationships are.

You just have to immerse yourself in the lives of Sharon and her friends on #Entangled to see that a relationship needs everyday commitment to stay afloat.

What does it mean to be committed to someone? Is it making decisions that impact the relationship like Sharon  who is ready to raise Ntando as Sizwe’s son even though there was a possibility that he’s not (turns out he is). Sharon also makes the practical decision to stay with Sizwe even though her heart may be with Julius. Zweli had a vasectomy before he met Zenani because he doesn’t want kids but is willing to reverse it for the sake of Zenani who became broody. I’m sure he’s glad she’s past it now. Is Andiswa showing true commitment by staying with her gay husband, Reggie, for the sake of their kids and the image and brand they have built as an influencer couple?

Life like #Entangled has a mix of people who are so, very human. They will make mistakes. They’ll make selfish decisions for the sake of themselves. They will make daily decisions to commit to something, whether good or bad. But this is why we can relate to them and a lot of you are tuning in every week engrossed in their lives.