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Entangled Character (s) of the week - Zweli and Zenani

31 March 2022
In this season finale, it looks like old feelings are resurfacing for Shaz and Sizwe. Will it work out this time, especially as Julius rears his head again.
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As we say goodbye to Shaz and friends this week (I know... we are crushed too) it’s only right to end off with a reflection on two people who have been solid and steadfast in their relationship and love for one another – Zweli and Zenani.

Not to say they didn’t have their ups and downs, but through it all they’ve tried to figure out this life thing together and have been there for their friends through thick and thin.

The beauty of them both is their story of trying to conceive, have a baby and throwing light on a not-spoken-often-enough-about hot topic of infertility. Even in our modern days, when women have more options in how they live their lives, society, family, religion still has a lot to say and police about women’s bodies.

Zenani is, at first, quite adamant that kids are not on the cards in her near future. But soon, a yearning she didn’t realize was already there comes to the fore and she wants to have a baby. Zweli (team Zenani to infinity and beyond) quickly comes on board and off course they have loads of fun, making this baby. Don’t you just want their sex life?

They try it the natural way, even using sex positions that will guarantee positive results but nothing comes of it. But this is a modern, power couple, which know there are options out there so they see a doctor about IVF. Unfortunately, that also doesn’t work out.

Being only human, they have their moments when all is lost. Throw in a strong mother in law, Mama Zweli, who wants her boy to get a second wife to bear him children. But their love for each other finds a way of picking them up to try again. Well done to Zweli for standing up for his wife against family pressure.

In the penultimate episode, they started looking for a surrogate mother that ensured plenty of laughter for us. Don’t you think that’s what we’ll miss the most about them? That even tackling a hectic topic like infertility, and through their tears, we still had moments to smile with them, laugh with them, get our passion on with them and just root for them all the way.

We have also noticed just how much love you have for them and the show. We can’t wait to reunite with you and our friends on Entangled again.


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