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Character of the week - Sharon makes a comeback

23 February 2022
Sharon, once again, is caught between two men and is fighting to stay just above water and she tries not to drown.
Shaz charged for the hr

Off course it’s Sharon again. You would think by now (7 episodes in) that she’s learnt her lesson but, once again, Sharon blunders through life and relationships. A proper train wreck she is.

Last episode saw an innocent but not so innocent hug between Sharon and Julius is seen by Sizwe. This is just when she’s giving a genuine goodbye to Julius for good and ready to focus on her, Sizwe and Ntando.

Before that her relationship with Sizwe is not in an OK space because of the DNA test and then Ntando turns out to be Sizwe’s. While he celebrates we can see something has died inside of her, that thing she reserved for Sizwe. Now Julius starts getting more of her attention and she cannot resist him when they find themselves alone in his apartment.

What gives? How is she going to explain that innocent but not so innocent hug to Sizwe who has the wrong end of the stick that is actually the right end of the stick? Think about it. She has been engaging in shenanigans in that topless man’s apartment.

I know you’re all waiting for the final crash as the Sharon train continues to hurtle at an alarming speed. She needs to make up her mind about who she wants to be with. What would life look like if she chose Julius over Sizwe? You are just as curious to find out. Let’s see what happens.


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