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Character of the week - Julius

24 March 2022
Julius - liar, dead beat dad. What's his story?
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Entangled took quite a turn the other day when Julius’ true colours were finally revealed. Many must have been shocked, horrified or disappointed to find out that Julius is a baby daddy and possibly a deadbeat one.

But no one could have been more disappointed than Sharon who found out by rep-resenting none other than Julius’ baby mama.

What a tragedy. Just when we were getting comfortable with the idea of team Shazius, rooting for them and hating on Sizwe, we now have to admit that Julius is the bad guy.

What stopped this always-half-dressed-naked man from telling Sharon the truth right from the beginning if he has nothing to hide? He was so excited about the idea of Ntando being his kid like he’d never had one before.

Okay, let’s play devil’s advocate for a second. Let’s say he’s telling the truth and the baby Mama is just trying to drain him financially and emotionally. Let’s say her friends, who in their drunken state tried to warn her and were wrong when they said he has still a player. Would he be a present father for Ntando? I mean the baby Mama looks and sounds hectic so there must be a history there but why is she so confident that she’s right and has, thus hired legal assistance in the form of Sharon – the baby daddy lover.

Don’t let’s get started on the legal implications of all of this, never mind the emotional ones for Sharon. In the last episode we saw her choose her son over both Sizwe and Julius. This is probably the best decision she’s made since this weird triangle started. Even though she has quite a gap to bridge between herself and her now hostile Ntando. But being there for him is surely a good start.

You’ve had quite strong feelings about the Julius mess and we are here for it.


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