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Dinner At Somizi's


Lamb Casserole and Polenta – Dinner at Somizi's

09 July 2020
Somizi prepared a lamb casserole and polenta for Rami Chuene and Mohale Motaung-Mhlongo. This was paired with Pina Colada which Rami called the Pina Ramada.
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Step by step guide:

  • Use a casserole dish to put the lamb cubes

  • Sprinkle olive oil on top of the lamb and rub into the meat

  • Add salt and pepper in the meat

  • Add a handful of onions

  • Add garlic flakes

  • Add onto to stove to simmer for a few minutes

  • Add curry paste while the lamb is simmering on the stove then add choice of combined spices of your choice on to the meat dish while simmering

  • Add a bit of water to the meat dish while it's simmering on the stove

  • Stir in all ingredients and let it simmer until it is ready

  • Put the casserole dish into the stove to cook slowly

For the Polenta

  • While water on the stove on high heat

  • Add the liquid stock into the pot of water

  • Add polenta powder slowly while whisking in the pot - measure how much you pour into the pot until its soft and thick texture

  • Add butter into the polenta mix

  • Add milk while stirring into the polenta

  • Put it back on the stove to simmer until thick and soft

When serving the meal

  • Dish polenta first

  • Dish lamb casserole on the plate

  • Enjoy the meal while hot

Cocktail recipe -Pina Colada for Rami called Pina Ramada

  • Slice pineapple and cut edges of pineapple

  • Put ice inside the shaker

  • Pour vodka

  • Puree or mash up the pineapple slices until soft

  • Pour pineapple mixture into the shaker then shake it up

  • Pineapple and vodka mixed and pour into a glass

  • Add pina colada and coconut milk

  • Add fruit slices – of your choice

  • Drink and enjoy