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Dinner At Somizi's


Chicken Gizzard and Lamb Bone Pie – Dinner at Somizi's

17 July 2020
Zahara and Somizi enjoyed a chicken gizzard and lamb bone pie which was served with Zahara's very own cocktail.
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Meaty Novorosh Pie and Slaw salad

Meat fillings ingredients list:

  • Chicken giblets or gizzards

  •  Lamb kidneys

  • Leg of lamb cubes

  • Various vegetables for flavour

  • Various spices for flavour

  • Slaw salad - raw sliced crusty salad

Ingredients list

  • Lamb Kidneys

  • Chicken giblets

  • Leg of lamb cubes - finely cut for filling

  • Fresh herbs - coriander leaves

  • Dry herbs - mixed herbs spices

  • Salt and pepper

  • Crushed garlic

  • Green peas - for pie filling

  • Sweetcorn - for pie filling

  • Dressing - vinegar, basil, lemon juice, drop of honey and mix together - or even pepper. Whatever your flavour
  • Cherry tomatoes - for slaw salad

  • Avocado slices for the slaw salad

  • All season spice

  • Cajun spice

  • Barbecue spice

  • Sliced mushrooms - for pie filling

  • Slaw - any raw vegetable - spinach, cucumber, cabbage, carrot, beetroot - anything for flavour. And no mayonnaise-like coleslaw!!

  • Flour for pie pastry base

Step by step guide meat filling first

  • Slice onions finely and put into a hot saucepan

  • Add crushed garlic in a pot

  • Add salt and pepper

  • Add mixed herbs

  • Add cajun and barbecue spice to the onion and garlic mix while frying for flavour

  • Add all seasons spice into onion and garlic mix

  • Stir and blend in all ingredients together of onion and garlic mix while it simmers

  • Chop spinach finely

  • Add chicken giblets, leg of lamb cubes and lamb kidneys into the pot. Cook until well done.

  • Add sliced spinach into the meat dish

  • All sweetcorn, green peas and sliced mushroom into the meat dish, and allow to simmer and well done

  • Mix all ingredients together and leave to simmer until well done and ready to add to the pie pastry base

Slaw salad step by step guide
Layout sliced vegetables on salad plate - remember you can have any raw vegetable of your choice

  • Add avocado slices into the salad

  • Add cherry tomatoes

  • Then add salad dressing of your choice into the salad

  • Mix all salad ingredients together for flavour

  • Add coriander or basil leaves for presentation


Pie pastry base

  • Sprinkle flour on to your surface

  • Pull puff pastry dough and roll on sprinkled flour surface to create the pastry base

  • For pastry dough - add lukewarm water, yeast, flour and knead it together to create the dough. Leave it to rise slightly in order to get the firmness of the dough

  • Roll puff pastry dough on the surface with a wooden roller until flat to add meat dish

  • Take a baking dish, and brush it with melted butter so that it does not stick to the surface of dish while baking

  • Lay flatly rolled pastry dough into the baking dish and layout evenly and cut the parts that are don’t fir the baking dish
  • Add meat dish into the bottom surface of pastry dough base in the baking dish

  • You can add something cheesy inside the meat dish

  • Brush with melted butter on the edges of base of pie

  • The take top later of pastry dough and put into on top of the baking dish to seal the pie together

Tip: You can use the cut parts of the pastry dough to patch the pie if there are areas that are exposed so that you may contain the heat and flavours of pie dish

  • Brush with egg liquid to make it golden brown while baking

  • Oven is pre-heated at 180 degrees celsius and you shall bake the pie for approximately 25 to 30 minutes until crisp

Enjoy once cooked!!

Cocktail menu - Bombastic Zaharation Cocktail

  • Frozen alcoholic beverage - cider preferably - strawberry, berry or cranberry flavoured

  • Kiwis

  • Fresh strawberries

  • Pomegranate

  • Any frozen cider - berry and strawberry flavour preferably

  • Put frozen cider into big plastic bowl

  • Slice kiwi into small slices and add into the plastic bowl

  • Slice strawberries into fine slices and add into the plastic bowl

  • Add margarita daiquiri syrup into the mixture

  • Blend the ingredients together in the bowl until liquid form

  • Add gin and ice into a shaker and shake it until its cold

  • Pour gin into large glasses of your choice

  • Add strawberry blend into the glass

  • Decorate with sliced kiwi, strawberries and sprinkle pomegranate

Drink and enjoy the magic.

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