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Dinner At Somizi's


Lamb Shank and Cous Cous Recipe – Dinner at Somizi's

21 August 2020
Jub Jub enjoyed a tender lamb shank served with cous cous.
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Ingredient list

  • Lamb shank
  • Fresh coriander
  • Chilli
  • Soya sauce
  • Thai stir fry sauce
  • Peanut butter Thai sauce
  • Barbecue sauce
  • Cous cous

Step by step guide

  • Marinate in a sealed bag for a day or two to enhance the flavours

  • Put the ingredients: lamb chunk with coriander, soya sauce, chilli, thai stir fry sauce, peanut butter thai sauce, barbecue sauce - in one bag!!

  • Heat up the stove to prepare lamb shank dish

  • For extra flavour, add barbecue sauce into lamb shank dish

  • Add peanut butter Thai sauce into the meat dish

  • Add Thai stir fry sauce and soya sauce into the meat dish

  • Saute lamb shank for a bit in pot until soft and tender

  • Chop more fresh chilli and add into the meat dish while simmering

  • Add water and stock to make it juicy and tasty while getting soft

  • Put the couscous into a microwave bowl and add water

  • Put into the microwave and heat up for a few minutes until soft

  • Put lamb shank dish into oven to bake until well done and ready to eat...Enjoy!!

  • Spread gravy onto the lamb shank dish and couscous for a flavourful meal!!


Cocktail Menu - Flaming Lamborghini

  • Jagermeister

  • Sambuca

  • Firelighter

Step by Step guide

  • Pour Jägermeister into shot glass

  • Pour Sambuca into shot glass

  • Light both shot glasses up and enjoy the flavours as they simmer into your mouth

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