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Brooklyn Nine-Nine To Incorporate Corona Virus Storylines

13 October 2020
The new season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine plans on including episodes on how the corona virus affected the characters.
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According to the UK edition of Independent, the following season of hit cop sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine will include the coronavirus pandemic into its storylines without being too tragic.

“The question is how the characters have been affected by the virus and the pandemic as New York City residents and first responders on New York City,” show co-creator Dan Goor told Independent.

In the United States, season seven of the sitcom just finished airing. The next phase is writing season eight, which according to Independent has already commenced. “We think there is a value to escapism,” Goor told the news source, adding that “but at the same time, we don’t want to be ignorant. There is debate about what the next year will look like.”

One thing the writers of the show are sure of is that they don’t want to go down a path of misery with the virus storylines. “I don’t think anybody wants us to, nor do we want to, have our characters toiling away in the depths of the pandemic,” he said.

Instead, Goor believes there will be an episode or parts of an episode which will explore what the lives of the characters are like or were like because that informs who they are.

Although it has not been confirmed when season eight of Brooklyn Nine-Nine will make it to US screens, you can still look forward to new episodes of the popular cop series every Wednesday on 1 Magic.

Catch new episodes at 19:00 exclusive to 1 Magic, DStv Channel 103.