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Tunde and Olu Are the Ultimate Tag Team – Bob Hearts Abishola

22 October 2020
Abishola's auntie and uncle have given us some of the most memorable scenes on Bob Hearts Abishola.
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What would Bob Hearts Abishola be without Uncle Tunde and Auntie Olu? The scene-stealing duo has had us glued to our screens every Thursday at 19:00, so it’s only fitting that we share some of their greatest moments on season one of Bob Hearts Abishola.

Make space for the whole family

Tunde and Olu have been trying to find a suitable suitor for Abishola, not only for her own good but also so that they can be taken in too. So, when they parked outside of Bob’s huge house, Olu’s first response was, “We’re going to be very happy here.”

Finding Abishola a man

After Abishola temporarily called things off with Bob, Olu wasted no time and set her up with a handsome, yet boring pharmacist. And while Tunde has always been for Bob, Olu said the most hilarious thing, “We were beggars, but now we are choosers.”

Tailing gone wrong

During the beginning stages of the show, Uncle Tunde and Auntie Olu hope into their famous van to do some digging up on the man who’s infatuated with Abishola. They come upon his car parked outside his workplace, concluding that the car is probably leased. They think they are being so slick until Bob realises that he’s being followed and follows them right back to Abishola’s apartment. After being obvious about their intentions, they finally accomplish their mission when Abishola agrees to date, Bob.

 An unlikely pair

Uncle Tunde finds himself without a roof over his head after he goes behind Olu’s back to warn Bb about the new pharmacist in Abishola’s life. While staying in Bob’s home, Tunde and Dottie connect over gin rummy – making a very unlikely pair of friends. "A penny a point?" Tunde asks. "How about a dime?" she suggests. "Make it hurt!"

Catch Bob Hearts Abishola on 1 Magic every Thursday at 19:00.