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The Blindspot Team Is On Their Final Mission In The Series Finale

13 October 2020
Blindspot comes full circle as the show comes to an end.
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There are just a few hours to go before the Blindspot team works on their last case.

Picking up from episode 9 of Blindspot, the Blindspot gang is left with a huge dangler after FBI baddie, Madeline Burke decided to take her own life. Ivy, who is Madeline’s henchwoman, left a canister of the zip bomb somewhere in New York, and if activated, the bomb will kill millions. Now, in the season and series finale, the team has convinced FBI head Arla, that they are the best team to take on Ivy.

However, stopping Ivy in her trail, won’t be the only pressing matter for the team, especially Jane. In last week’s episode, Jane was exposed to the ZIP; a choice that Martin Gero, the series creator, suggested will allow viewers to immediately see what it enabled the producers to do. “We wanted Jane to be Jane,” he told Weekly Entertainment, adding that, “we wanted there to be a tenuous hold on reality, that would help us tell a story that is a final and proper conclusion.”

“This is an hour that is very aware that is the last hour in many ways,” Gero said. Firstly, it is the team’s last mission with the FBI. They are about to go their separate ways both in the story and in real life. However, it’s an understandable ending when considering everything they went through in season 5. For one, Weller had a hard time with being away from his daughter, Tasha found out she was pregnant with Reade’s baby whilst grieving him, Patterson put her daughter in danger, and Jane was scared of Madeline’s plans to use the ZIP.

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Fortunately, it’s not all doom and gloom for Blindspot fans, suggested Gero. “This final season is a love letter to the team’s journey,” she said. “There’s a real reverence for this final time together in a way that is going to be super satisfying. We have some really fun guest stars coming back one more time to say goodbye to the show.”

Don’t miss the series finale of Blindspot on Wednesday at 20:30 on 1 Magic.