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Blindspot Cast Share Their Standout Plot Twists

12 August 2020
What would Blindspot be without the endless cliffhangers and surprises?
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A poorly executed plot twist can ruin an otherwise good movie. But on the flip side, there’s nothing more satisfying than a twist done right. The avid Blindspot watcher will tell you that the show wouldn’t be the same without its plot twists.

Creator of the show, Martin Gero shared with Entertainment Weekly that Blindspot was plot twists were necessary for the show. “Each year we needed to end with a massive twist that would be so exciting it demanded another season,” he explained.

We scoured the web and found some of the plot twists the cast of Blindspot have loved thus far:

Roman’s last Blindspot chapter – Luke Mitchell

For Mitchell, the scene in which Roman killed Tom Jakeman stood out for him. “[Roman] proceeded to assume Tom Jakeman’s identity, which obviously included his Aussie accent, and travel to incredibly beautiful locations all over the world whilst romancing Blake Crawford and torturing his sister along the way.”

Bill Weller killing Taylor Shaw – Jamie Alexander and Chad Donella

“If Jane was Taylor, then Bill was off the hook, so Bill ripping away Kurt's hope for his father's redemption by admitting to the crime was painful to watch, and Donella's favourite twist,” wrote Entertainment Weekly.

Alexander’s stand out scene was during season one when it was revealed that Jane wasn’t Taylor Shaw and that Weller’s father was the one who killed her. “It was a devastating and heartbreaking twist,” she said.

The truth about Shepherd – Michelle Hurd

For Hurd, it was the moment when it was revealed that Shepherd is Jane and Roman’s father.

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