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5 Fun Facts About Blindspot

05 August 2020
A lot of creativity and dedication has gone into shooting Blindspot.
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What do you get when you combine non-stop action, intrigue and plot-twists? A great drama series like Blindspot. Since it’s first season premiere back in 2015, Blindspot has kept viewers glued to their screens with each and every episode. Now at its final season, we thought we should get you up to speed with a few facts you may not know:

#5 The creator of the puzzles is a riddler in real life

David Kwong’s CV is as long as the time it takes to unravel some of those Blindspot puzzles. He is a Harvard graduate, magician and illusionist. But it doesn’t end there. Kwong is also the co-creator of the crossword puzzles for the New York Times.

#4 The episode titles are an anagram

If you love solving puzzles, this one is for you. The showrunners added an anagram to each episode’s title that when solved, reveals a clue about the episode.

#3 Jamie Alexander is almost as tough as Jane

Alexander and Jane Doe are almost identical in their nature. Back in high school, Alexander was a wrestler. On Thor, she played the warrior goddess Sif and was a superhuman on Kyle Xy. Alexander also worked for a good 10 years with her stunt double and at times, she’s quite happy to perform her own stunts.

#2 The number of tattoos on Jane’s body is crazy

It’s as crazy as the number of hours it takes to place them on her body. We’re talking 200 tattoos in 7 hours! If that isn’t some real dedication, we don’t know what is.

#1 The opening scene was the longest shoots for the show

Time Square in New York needed to be cleared out for a good couple of hours. The production team spent 8 hours shooting the scene and Alexander and her stunt double-spent 5 hours getting in and out of the duffle bag. The result of all the hard work was an eye-catching opener which drew the eyes of audiences everywhere.

Blindspot airs Wednesdays at 20:30 on 1 Magic.