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Get To Know More About Regina Hall – Black Monday

20 July 2021
She has been killing it and leaving us on the floor!
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For two seasons, the incredible Regina Hall has served us with an amazing performance on Black Monday as the hilarious and very smart black woman who is trying to climb up the ladder of the Wall Street.

We have been loving this comedy superstar and thought it would be great to deeper into her life and tell you some facts about her that you might not know that could have you loving her more than you already do, if possible!


Hall holds a Master’s degree in Journalism from NYU!

She graduated on 1997 and after that, all she wanted to do was to become a journalist but that changed when her father died of a heart attack. She then thought that she needs to live her life to the fullest and do what would make her truly happy.

“Brenda” is her most we;;-known character from the Scary Movie franchise

The loud, obnoxious but also endearing personality is who she was in the spoof movie. She was the biggest personality and opened more doors for her which led to seeing her get a small part in a superhero spoof movie.

She had a part in “Law Abiding Citizen”

Kelly Rice, the woman who was married to the DA and had to watch a man being dissected while with her daughter. You have to watch it!

She works with the elderly as a volunteer

Now this makes us love her even more! It is heart-warming to see a person who has so much, give their time so freely to help those that do not have the strength to do so themselves anymore.

She has starred in at least 37 movies!  

We have loved her in every single one! These include, Girls Trip, Little, Scary Movie, Think Like A Man, When the Bough Breaks, The Best Man, About Last Night the list is literally endless and we suggest you get your binge on!


You can watch Regina as “Dawn” on Black Monday every Wednesday at 21:30 on #1Magic and the DStv app! You can also watch previous seasons of the show on Showmax