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Will Black-ish's Dre & Bow actually go their separate ways?

17 May 2018
Can TV's favourite couple come back from their separation?
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Picking up from where black-ish left off last week, the spark between TV’s favourite couple Dre and Bow is fading away.

But while there is awkwardness between the couple, there are flashbacks to happier times in their marriage. Remembering their more blissful times together makes it even more unbearable to think that their relationship may have reached the end.

The last few episodes have exchanged Bow & Dre’s usually witty banter for some really seriously painful comments. While they may great parents to their five children, it seems that it’s not enough for Dre and Bow to justify staying in a relationship that doesn’t seem to be fulfilling either one of them.

While one might argue that staying together will destabilize the family, separation might give them a chance to actually salvage their relationship.

So, the question is: Is this the point of no return for Dre and Bow?

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