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Why Black-ish’s Bow is the Ultimate Super Woman

26 March 2019
Bow wears many hats and manages to juggle each one of them imperfectly perfect.

Rainbow “Bow” Johnson is a woman of extraordinary proportions. She juggles a full-time career as an anesthesiologist, she’s a mother to five children; each with their own personality and she’s a daughter-in-law to a pair of handful parents.

Like many women out there, Bow wears many hats and manages them all like a pro.

Here are more reasons we think Bow is a superwoman:


She’s not afraid to ask for help

When the going gets tough, Bow isn’t afraid to ask for her husband, Andre’s help. She understands that they’re in a partnership and will always turn to her husband for assistance.


She doesn’t try to do it all

Bow understands her limitations. She knows where her strong points are and how to maximize them. What she can’t do, she outsources.


She tolerates her in-laws

We all know that Dre’s parents are a piece of work, especially Ruby. Andre’s mom does not get along with Bow. But instead of throwing her out their home, Bow takes Ruby’s jabs and difficultness like a pro.

Dre’s dad, on the other hand, is always in trouble, and Bow always has to deal with his theatrics. Nonetheless, she handles each situation like an adult.

There are many other traits that make Black-ish’s Bow the ultimate superwoman, and if you enjoy the Johnsons as much as we do, don’t miss Black-ish every Thursday from 19:00.

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