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There’s a Covid Wedding on 7th Season of Black-ish

24 February 2021
Black-ish Season 7 premieres Thursday, 25 February at 19:30 on 1Magic.
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The Johnsons are returning to a screen near you from Thursday, 25 February at 19:30 on 1 Magic. This time around, you can expect to see a covid wedding, young love and many more hilarious topics.

For one, as a frontline worker, you’ll get to see how Rainbow and her fellow co-workers are seeing a different reality than what the ordinary citizen sees during the covid-19 pandemic. However, true to its format, the show will not delve too much into the crisis. Speaking to Weekly Entertainment, the show’s showrunner said, “We’re not trying to change the look of the show too much, but we know we wouldn’t be doing what we do if we didn’t at least address it.”

In season 7 of Black-ish, Pops and Ruby will also be tying the knot. “it will be a covid wedding dealing with those kinds of realities,” said the showrunner. There will be some challenges along the way for Pops and Ruby, but nothing that will tear them apart for good. It’s also rumoured that the two may be getting their very own spin-off.

As for the Johnson children, one thing you can look forward to is Junior taking on a more central role on the show. As you may have seen in season six of Black-ish (if you haven’t, Showmax is your saviour), Junior has a new girlfriend who’ll have to learn a lot about spending time with the Johnsons. The twins are in Zoom school while Zoey will make appearances here and there (see more of Zoey on grown-ish Season 3 now airing on 1 Magic).

Don’t miss the Season 7 premiere of Black-ish on 1 Magic at 19:30.