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How "Blackish" is Your Fam?

03 April 2018
How cool are the Johnsons? Take this quick quiz to see how "Blackish" your fam is.

The Johnson family are always serving up some superb family goals. They’re cool, confident and are always up for a challenge! Take this quick quiz and see how much you have in common with this awesome bunch.

When it’s a special holiday you:

  1. Lock the doors and keep to yourself
  2. Just chill with the family
  3. Have a big family party and go all out

Expensive and fancy things are:

  1. Just things
  2. You like it, but can’t afford it
  3. Things you like and love spoiling the family with

Your dad tells his co-workers:

  1. You’re a shining star
  2. You've got a long way to go
  3. You will own the company one day

Game night at home is:

  1. Boring, who plays board games still?
  2. Just cool
  3. Very intense, got you rolling and screaming on the floor

When you want to run for class president in school/college, your parents:

  1. Don’t want to get involved
  2. Simply give advice
  3. Run a whole campaign in your name and manage you


Things around the dinner table can get:

  1. Super frustrating
  2. Boring, you there to eat, that's all
  3. Super funny as everyone's got a story to tell

A family visit to a theme park is:

  1. Kinda nice
  2. You want to leave soon as possible
  3. Absolutely hilarious and you're high fiving each other all the way


Your family members are:

  1. Quite similar
  2. Totally different and unrelatable to each other
  3. Everyone has a crazy personality of their own, but you guys have one common goal


How did you score?

Mostly A’s - you have a few things in common with the Johnson family, but got a long way to go if you want to join them.

Mostly B’s – You share some common ideals with the Johnsons, they would enjoy having you over for a visit.

Mostly C’s – Say what! You have so much in common with the Johnson clan, you might as well move in with them.


Well there you have it. Whether you have lots or less in common with The Johnsons, do tune in for more laughs on Blackish S4 on Thursdays at 19:30 on #1Magic. Don't forget to tweet us your favourite moments of the show.