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Black-ish Pays Tribute to Prince

07 March 2019
Black-ish paid tribute to music legend Prince in celebration of its 100th episode.
Bow and Dre

For its 100th episode, Blackish paid tribute to the late Grammy-award winner Prince. The adults of the Johnson family, as well as Junior, are devastated when they find out from Diane and Jack that they have no idea who Prince is.

Prince means a lot to each of the family members, and so they take it upon themselves to give the twins a lesson on the impact that Prince had on each of their lives.

For Bow and Dre, Prince gives each one of them swag. Dre thinks back to the time that he and Bow went out on their first date. It was a mess and by the end of the night he was ready just go home and forget about her. But then he thought about what Prince would do, and that offered an epiphany.

For Junior and Zoey, although they are pretty young, Prince also has a huge influence on them. Zoey appreciates his social conscience, while Junior is impressed by something else.

Watch a preview of the Black-ish Season 5 Episode 4 below.

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