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Betty S2 Lands on 1Magic

24 June 2021
The skaters are back navigating new fun, complex and sometimes terrifying experiences on Betty S2, now airing on 1Magic
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Based on creator Crystal Moselle’s 2018 Sundance hit Skate Kitchen, Betty follows five young women on journeys of self-discovery against the backdrop of New York City’s male-dominated skateboarding scene. As Kirt (Nina Moran), Janay (Dede Lovelace), Honeybear (Moonbear), Camille (Rachelle Vinberg), and Indigo (Ajani Russell) cross thethreshold from girlhood to womanhood, they unite to protect and empower their skate community, fearlessly mining the nuances of their identities and embracing their differences along the way. Independent, strong-willed, anddiscerning, these women are brought together by skateboarding – but their bond goes far beyond the sport.

The second season of the series finds our five protagonists stepping firmly into womanhood and tackling all the challenges it brings.

Indigo is on her own, cut off from her mom. Right now, she is sleeping on Camille’s bedroom floor, and sugaring to get by. Janay is embracing her sexuality, focused on finding her skate crew a squat to use for the winter, and, like the altruist she is, helping her cousin run a food delivery service for the elderly. Pursuing a quest, injured Kirt becomes the guy-whisperer. She's determined to help the sometimes misogynistic but generally well-intentioned skater boys learn how to respect and pleasure women.  

Honeybear is exploring the boundaries of a polyamorous relationship with Ash; and, after being approached to create content for an increasingly toxic brand, Camille learns to stand up for herself – which proves to be a theme for all of the womenthroughout the season. As our skater girls navigate the pressures of adulthood, their male counterparts start to step up, step in, and become true allies, forming a united front for the greater good.

Betty season 2 airs on 1Magic Tuesdays at 21:30. Join the conversation on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #1Magic ​