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Why We Love Bonang & Pinky Girl's Relationship – Being Bonang

27 August 2019
They’re super close, they’ve got each other’s backs and give us the best content!
Bonang Matheba and Pinky Girl


Bonang put Pinky Girl on the map when Pinky made her debut on the very first season of Being Bonang.

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Since then, Pinky Girl has risen up the entertainment ranks to become South Africa’s favourite doll.

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The cousins are inseparable and are often seen everywhere together.

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… Giving us content for days.


Whether they’re sipping their favourite bubbles and popularizing catchphrases like “Champagne darling”

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Or they’re seen at exclusive events dripping in sparkles, gold and pink.

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Queen B* has confessed to being a sucker for editorial style pics, and if her camera crew is not following her, it’s on Pinky to climb a tree, float in the air, lay on the street… basically, do whatever it takes to capture the moment.

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Because if you can’t rely on your cousin to turn into a professional photographer, who else should you count on?


They’re each other’s confidantes; giving each other the best advice and encouraging each other’s growth.

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We've taken many pages from Bonang's school of life book too.


Pinky Girl faced her worst fears when she jumped off the Western Cape’s Bloukrans Bridge.

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And at the end of the jump, Bonang was right by her cousin’s side to congratulate her and encourage Pinky Girl to continue pushing through her fears.

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They also show up at each other’s birthday celebrations and more.

1566900413 34 screenshot 2019 08 27 at 12.06.35

When Bonang toured Prague for the Global Social Awards, Pinky Girl was seen right next to Queen B*.

1566899231 34 screenshot 2019 08 12 at 14.22.01


And when Bonang was announced as a winner, the two danced and celebrated together.

1566899358 34 screenshot 2019 08 12 at 14.27.07

Too sweet!


In short, Bonang and Pinky Girl epitomize #BFFGoals!

So, be sure to make it a date with Bonang and Pinky Girl every Friday at 19:00 when they give us a glimpse into their lives on Being Bonang Season 3.