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Being Bonang Season 3 is Finally Here!

18 July 2019
We're ready to get a front-row seat in Bonang Matheba's life of glitz and glam.
Being Bonang Season 3

The moment many of us have been waiting for is literally a few hours away! As of 19 July 2019 at 19:00, you’ll officially be sitting in the front row, getting your weekly dose of Bonang Matheba and Pinky Girl’s life in the fab lane.

Season 3 will follow Bonang as she pursues her entrepreneurial endeavours; we’re talking taking over New York, the launch of her luxury MCC range, House of BNG and many more pursuits that the fashion-forward Bonang is after.

But what would Season 3 of Being Bonang be without her famous catchphrases? We first fell in love with her one-liners when she dropped “Go Monate”. Before we knew it, whenever anyone was having the time of their life, their experience was followed with “Go Monaaaatttee Man!”

Bonang is also THEE Queen of champagne, and it was only fitting that the good sis releases her very own range of bubbles. You’ll have to stay tuned into Being Bonang to see the lead up to and launch of her House of BNG.

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And of course, we’re here for all her international trips! She’s taken over New York, she’s won awards in Prague and in the process, is just living her best life.

So, tell your friends to tell their friends that Being Bonang Season 3 premieres Friday, 19 July at 19:00, and be sure not to miss a single minute.