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The Hostess with Lorna Maseko meets Being Bonang

25 May 2018
Lorna Maseko hosted Bonang to a much-needed catch up session at The Munro Boutique Hotel.
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It’s a crossover daarlings!

Your girl B* will be appearing on The Hostess with Lorna Maseko tonight on Being Bonang. As you might have seen, Lorna hosted Bonang to an intimate luncheon for two on her 13th and last episode of her cooking show.

“We’re always particular about the places we go to, the food we eat, the people around, and so when I saw this venue I was like Ka-Ching! Ka-Ching!” Lorna said.

And who better to meet your expectations than your bestie? Lorna treated Bonang to a glitz and glam three-course meal at The Munro Boutique Hotel in Johannesburg.

On the menu:

For starters: Griddled calamari with pickled apples, wasabi mayo, and radishes

The main: Herb crusted lamb shank, spiralized butternut and zucchini noodles and a gruyere béchamel sauce

Dessert: Dark chocolate mousse with Amarula dry ice ice-cream and candied orange peel

A luncheon fit for a queen, right?

Expect over-the-top, spectacular and of course, lots of champagne daaarlings!

Tonight at 19:30 on Being Bonang.