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Being Bonang: 5 Things We Will Miss!

23 July 2018
We've come to the end of the road for season 2 of Being Bonang. Everything we will miss is here
<p>Bonang Matheba&nbsp;</p>

Friday marks the final episode of Being Bonang season two, and we couldn't be more bummed! While we can't wait for the premiere of Real Housewives of Johannesburg next week Friday at 19:00, we will really miss mo'ghel and all the fun she tossed so generously this season. Here's what we won't be forgetting about anytime soon!


Well, it would be weird to miss everything about the show and skip the President of the situation. We love a Queen who knows how to keep our eyes fixed on the screen for an entire 30 minutes, just because her authentic self is a delight to watch! And consistent with her mantra to 'give people what they want', this season the good sis gave us everything we've come to expect and love from her. The fashion, attitude, quotables, sparkle, work and fun were all in that bag! 


She was a ballerina before focusing on her flourishing career as a celebrity chef and businesswoman. But who knew Lorna was that flexible, and that fond of doing random splits and all kinds of near-impossible stretches? We feel like she really came through this whole season with the energy. Love it!


The first season came with that lavish 30th birthday soiree that is alleged to have cost over half a million, so there's no topping that. Still, that didn't stop Bonang from splaying sparkles all over town when she threw herself not one, but two birthday parties because, "why not!?" For the intimate dinner, she wanted to it to be so over the top that guests would find it 'unnecessary.' 


Her famous sayings are so popular that she's now launched a line of T-shirts with the quotables emblazoned on them. We live are living inside Bonang's era. 

Catch a glimpse inside the Queen's fab life for the last time this Friday at 19:30, exclusive to 1Magic, DStv channel 103.