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5 Reasons We’ll Miss Watching Being Bonang

10 October 2019
It wouldn't be a Being Bonang season finale without a wrap-up of our favourite moments on the show.
Pinky Girl and Bonang Matheba in Prague

Can you believe it’s been a full thirteen episodes with media mogul Bonang Matheba and SA’s favourite doll Pinky Girl? We’ve come full circle with season 3 of Being Bonang, and although we’ll be seeing moghel for the last time this Friday, we couldn’t end the season without highlighting a few of our own stand out moments from Being Bonang season 3.

So, without further ado, these are 5 things we'll miss the most on Being Bonang this season:

Pinky Girl on the Decks

From the beginning of the season, we travelled with Pinky Girl as she attempted to find her feet on DJ decks. She’s gone from learning how to mix music to playing her favourite soulful hits for the very first time at the House of BNG Luncheon.

You go girl!

Bonang’s Charity Work

For anyone who follows Bonang, they’ll know that Bonang is extremely passionate about educating girls in Africa. So much so that each year, Queen B ensures that she takes more and more girls to university with the help of her Bonang Matheba Bursary Fund.

This season, Bonang announced that she would be involved in a docu-series in collaboration with Global Citizen, Proctor and Gamble and National Geographic. “If we can prevent girls from missing school and provide them with the items that they need, they’ll be comfortable, they’ll have sanitary pads and they’ll be able to go to school,” she said.

The Endless Trips Overseas

From Prague to New York, we’re sure Bonang’s passport is overflowing with stamps. And the best part Bonang’s international travels is that she’s taken us with. From Prague for the Global Social Awards to New York, Bonang has given us a glimpse into her life on the international stage.

The Laughs, The Whistles and Fun

… Need we say more? Bonang is a WHOLE mood!

The Fashion

When it comes to dressing up, Bonang is the epitome of “pulling out all the stops!” Have you seen Bonang’s diary sessions on Being Bonang? We can’t even begin to talk about the four outfit changes she had whilst hosting Miss SA 2019. She turned heads and left social media in a frenzy with each dress she wore on the Miss SA stage.

Basically, Bonang serves looks each and every time she steps out.

Thanks to DStv, not all is doom and gloom – you can still catch Being Bonang on DStv Catch Up!