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Season 10 of Basketball Wives brings the drama

21 October 2022
This season starts with a celebration of true love between Doug and Jackie. They celebrated their twenty-six wedding anniversary with a fabulous ceremony with their loved ones. It was a celebration of love, and the ladies were all inspired by Doug and Jackie’s love story.
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Due to her success with her marriage, she calls herself the relationship guru.  She has tried to help the ladies with their relationships, from Brittish and Lorenzo, Angel and RoccStar and even ‘hooking’ up Nia and Mickey. Let’s hope that as the season continues, the ladies can continue to glean from her wisdom.


The following big news in the series was angel Brink’s pregnancy with RoccStar. They are happy and in love but, like most couples, have their struggles.  She kept her pregnancy from her mum because of fear of her mum not supporting the relationship or having a negative opinion about it. At her gender reveal, she could speak with her mum and forge a way forward in their relationship. Angel has had a lot of growth, not just from the baby bump but also from her businesses.  They are booming in all aspects. She also has an opportunity with the NBA to bring the league's fashion to another level.


The animosity between Brandi and Malaysia was so thick that you could cut it with a knife. Bearing in mind that they were best friends, seeing them at odds was sad. Hopefully, they will find a way to make up. During one of their fights, we learnt the tragic news that Brandi’s father passed on. We also found out that Malaysia’s life has changed dramatically since the divorce, her ex has not been helping with child support, and she has been fully living as a single mum. She has moved from Atlanta to LA and has a lot of adjustments to make. She is stressed and depressed, which leaves her with less grace for Brandi’s shenanigans.


Jennifer has had a lot of letting go recently since she has had to deal with her precious dog's death, which was a massive blow to her system. She found healing in leaning on friends, Jackie and Angel and by visiting a pet medium. She is ready to take on dating by the horns, and things seem to be looking up in that department.


Brittish is single and ready to mingle. Lorenzo thinks it is a faze and that she will return to him, but she is determined to move on from him as he has not treated her well in the past. She is focusing on her child and getting her groove back.


Duffey has been enjoying a quieter life due to the pandemic but has started wanting to get back to work with French Montana. Her fiancé, however, is not thrilled at the news and asks her to reconsider being at home more with their daughter. Does this mean the end of Duffey's DJ'ing career?


Nia is also single and ready to mingle, and she may have found a cutie in Mickey, but time will tell. Last we saw, though, she caused a bit of trouble at Angel and Roccstar’s gender reveal with an unsavoury social media post. Brooke brings it to light during the gender reveal and confronts Nia about it. Nia did not take kindly to that, but it escalated to RoccStar having to deal with the situation. 


The drama never ends with the MVPs of Basketball Wives, but one thing is for sure we will be tuning in every Monday to Thursday to catch the drama, the fashion inspo and the tea honey. #1Magic