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Wilson Bethel Talks Starring on All Rise

19 November 2019
Wilson Bethel who plays Mark Callan on All Rise spoke to Collider about his role on the American series.
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Image sourced: Instagram

Wilson Bethel who plays Mark Callan on American series All Rise, sat down with Collider to talk about why the series appealed to him, the dynamic of the All Rise cast and working closely with Simone Missick.

Chatting about what attracted him to the show, Bethel says, “the writing was very strong”.

“That was the number one selling point for me,” he explained.

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In addition, Bethel was attracted to how distinctive the show was as well as the stylized tone. “It felt really precise, in the way that the West Wing, which is a show I really love, or something like that, so that was very exciting to me,” he explained.

In addition, during the early stages of the show, Bethel got the opportunity to work with the creator/writer of the show. “I just loved the way that they approached the material and approached working with the actors,” he said.

Touching on working with Simone Missick, Bethel said, “I think we have a very easy, very natural dynamic that is partly born just of genuine affection for one another, as people.” Bethel and Missick who play colleagues and close friends on All Rise, share similar chemistry off-screen.

“It feels like these are two people who care deeply about each other, who have known each other for a long time, have inside jokes, and have things that annoy them about each other, but it also has all of the things that you want and expects out of a real friendship.”

Bethel hopes that the same energy keeps people coming back for more and more.

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