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Why Portraying Lola is Important to Simone Missick – All Rise

21 April 2020
Diversity and multidimensionality are the characteristics which stood out for All Rise's Simone Missick.
Simone Missick

Image source: Warner Brothers Television Distribution

As the lead actress of CBS’s courtroom drama All Rise, Simone Missick takes playing Lola Carmichael very seriously. All Rise follows Lola, the show’s lead character, who is a determined and deeply empathetic attorney turned judge.

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“I’ve got the fortune of coming up after Viola Davis, after Kerry Washington, that showed networks and buyers and audiences that they did want to see [these] stories,” Missick said to Variety.

Missick who was excited to portray a character with many layers suggested that multidimensionality is a trait that is not always granted to actors of colour.  We always see back, strong woman, but we hardly ever get to see messy, fragile black women, she explained.

Being it her first lead role, it was a great opportunity for Missick to be able to be the lead of a show on a network that is committed to seeing these stories being told. She also expressed her appreciation in the fact that the network was willing to tell these stories in a different way to the typical legal drama.

“The fact that they signed up for this ride, I’m so thankful. Not often do people say, ‘Here is a dream role with a great character, and a great cast and crew.’ That never happens. And so, for me, this has just been amazing,” she told Collider.

“These are the things that you want when you’re getting to do 13 episodes or 22 episodes. You want to be able to tell those kinds of stories and be engaged, and this is just a fun show to do it on”, Missick said to Collider.

As much as her previous jobs were fabulous, for Missick, nothing could beat getting to wear a robe, putting on some comfy slippers, and doing what she does best, only in a different kind of way.

All Rise Season 1 returns from production break this Wednesday at 20:31.