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All American: The Choice is Yours

29 November 2018
Spencer and Layla's kiss brings a new twist to All American.
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The love triangle has taken a new turn on All American since Layla and Spencer kissed! Of course, Olivia saw how everything went down.

Although Olivia has known for a while now that Layla has feelings for Spencer, she was never ready for this. She feels betrayed, and she has every right to feel that way. Layla straight out denied any feelings for Spencer and even went as far as pushing Olivia towards Spencer. But let’s not forget that Olivia also betrayed Layla.

Will the two friends ever trust one another again?

Maybe Layla will take it upon herself to apologise should to discover that Olivia knows about the kiss. But what will happen if Spencer finds out that Olivia slept with Asher? A

Things are reaching another level of messy.

There are different senarios that could play out, and the only way to find out what happens after this, is to tune into All American on Thursdays at 20:30 only on 1Magic!

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