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All American star Daniel Ezra on his lead role

24 October 2018
The British actor had to work tirelessly to perfect his accent and football skills.
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If you think Daniel Ezra has nailed his role as Spencer James on All American, it’s all kudos to his trainers.

Not only is Ezra British, but he also hasn’t played football before. The actor who revealed his real accent during an appearance on The Real, said that he was very surprised when he landed the lead role on the American series.

Ezra explained that he had to work twice as hard to perfect his role. “I spent as much time as I could in South Central LA and had to go above and beyond to try and make it as authentic as possible,” he told Sioux City Journal.

Learning the American accent wasn’t too difficult, he said. It’s usually in an actor’s best interest to have at least a passable accent. In most American drama schools, a term is devoted to American accents. “That’s where you develop the accent,” Ezra explained.

To develop the accent, Ezra had to challenge himself. “I went to restaurants and places [where I spoke in the American accent], and if they looked at me weirdly, I knew I wasn’t getting it right.”

As for the sports, Ezra said it came naturally because his father who is a trainer helped him get in shape for the series. Before shooting the pilot, Ezra’s father made sure that he received proper training. “On Monday to Friday, I train. Saturday, I rest, and Sunday I do weight training,” he said. He also needed to follow a strict vegan, low-carb and high protein diet.

To look skilled on the field, Ezra has a dedicated team of football play designers who ensure his arms and legs are in the right position at all times. “It’s all about the camera angles,” he said, adding that, “everyone wants the football to be as accurate as it can be.”

All American airs at 20:30 on Thursdays on 1Magic, DStv Channel 103.

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