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Will Things Ever Be The Same Again for Spencer?

31 March 2020
Is the receiver's football career a thing of the past?

Things haven’t been the same lately since Spencer left his hospital bed – and he learned this the hard way.

Although he made his way back to the football field, Spencer discovered that he may just be damaged goods to college-football recruiters. But we think that it’s good that he made this discovery sooner rather than later.

Here’s why:

Each school has 25 scholarships a year that it gives to recruiters. The onus is on the coaching staff who need to strategically and successfully pick a selection of players If they choose the wrong players, they’ll find themselves in the firing line.

So, Spencer stood no chance as he could not even raise his arms without suffering excruciating pain. But that didn’t stop him from playing. He ignored every sign that it was probably not a good idea for him to play.

Billy also did his best to warn off Spencer by telling him that his spot in the team was waiting for him after he was good to play again. He even went as far as telling Spencer that the college recruiters were backing him off only up until he was ready to come back to the field.

With this in mind, Spencer jumped at the chance of joining Darnell at his unofficial visit to the UCLA campus. He’s thinking: to prove his commitment to UCLA before the coaches changed their minds.

The only issue is that in this era of social media, news travels faster than you can imagine. Chances of the coaches seeing the drive-by shooting are high. Spencer can only hope that the recruiters have not received his medical records already.

For now, it’s a waiting game for the receiver; if he’s back to his normal self by the time it's mid-summer, that’ll work in his favour. If he's not, then the scholarship will go to another receiver.

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