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In The Spotlight: All American’s Samantha Logan

25 February 2020
The All American actress has a background in acting, singing and theatre performance and dreams of being a film director someday.
Samantha Logan

Samantha Logan is an American actress well-known for her major roles in All American and 13 Reasons Why. Logan started acting at 14 years old and also has a background in

“I started off as a dancer,” she told Petrie Manifesto. When she started training professionally, she became a musical theatre major, which eventually led her to sing. Although she’s chosen to focus full-time on her acting career, Logan still dances and singings when time allows.

Apart from her role on All American, Logan has also appeared on the American teen drama web television series, 13 Reasons Why as Nina Jones. Logan who takes her craft very seriously ensuring that she does all the necessary research told Petrie Manifesto that it was important for her to portray Nina very accurately. “I did my research and learned about rape culture, especially in the black community where crimes go underreported because the victims are often not believed or don’t trust the system.”

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Lohan herself is a strong believer in fighting for change. “I want my and future generations to understand that they are empowered to make a change, whether it’s in gun control, women’s rights, future leaders or even in local communities,” she said.

Logan dreams of becoming a director. She’s sure that her love for creative work and telling stories in front of the camera will lead to creating exciting work behind the camera. Even as a child, Logan reminisced over times when she would put together little skits in her playroom and even steal her mom’s camcorder to make movies.

“I just loved creating, so much so that it distracted me from my actual studies,” she said.

Her love for creativity has led Logan to where she is today, and she hopes that her childhood dreams will manifest into reality someday. When the time is right.

Catch Logan on All American, Tuesdays at 21:30 on One Magic, DStv Channel 103.