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Inside the new 1Magic show Abasemzini

31 August 2021
Feuding mothers and daughters-in-law try to bury the hatchet once and for all in new 1Magic show Abasemzini

Is there a family member with a more polarising reputation than the mother-in-law? 

The mere mention of her makes one shudder, and the person who often bears the brunt of her anger is the makoti, or the daughter-in-law. But is mmatswale, or mother-in-law, always the problem? Is the man in the middle his mother’s son or his wife’s husband first? And can this historically challenging relationship ever be fixed? 

These are questions that the new 13-part 1Magic reality show Abasemzini answers when it premieres on 03 September. 

It will see mother- and daughter-in-law pairs move into a house to undergo a bootcamp, where psychological professionals will not only help them air their grievances but, put them through a series of exercises and challenges that will get them to a healthy and productive place. 

“The aim of Abasemzini is to restore happy families and equip both parties with conflict management skills they can use in their everyday lives. It will be an emotional journey for both participants and the viewer, one where everyone learns something they can apply in various off-screen situations,” says Nomsa Philiso, the Director of Local Entertainment Channels at M-Net. 

Hosted by actor Lehasa Moloi and singer Puleng March, the format of the show is a special one focused on not only exploring the source of the tension between mother- and daughter-in-law, but also actively finding lasting solutions so that the broader family unit can function, and the two warring women’s relationship can occupy a peaceful place. 

Other family members affected by the makoti and mom-in-law’s feud will also visit the bootcamp in order to address their issues and the role they may have played in the existing tension. 

The experts, who will be helping mend these familial ties, are clinical psychologist and TV host Nozibusiso Nyawose and psychologist Vuyo Themba. The bootcamp exercises range from fun to intense, and while this will make for great TV, at the heart of it all are human beings trying to rebuild broken and breaking relationships. 

It’s time to retire the ‘evil mother-in-law’ or ‘mean makoti’ tropes. This is reconciliation on another level! The show starts on 03 September 2021 on 1Magic DStv channel 103 at 20:30. 

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