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A Night With My Ex


Vuyo and Nobantu's web of cheating - One Night With My Ex

30 May 2019
Nobantu cheated on Vuyo with her ex girlfriend. Vuyo revenge cheated. They broke up. The end. Oh, Vuyo is now dating one of the girls Nobantu cheated on her with!
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Each week of One Night With My Ex, continues building on existing evidence we've gathered from former couples on this show; revenge cheating is very much a thing.

In a previous episode, a certain Thuli had a lot of answering to do to Master, who'd been accusing her of having revenge cheated on him to get back at him. And while she was quick to shoot down these allegations, she did volunteer tea was might have even more shocking –– fake cheating to teach him a lesson! Master, who wanted to work things out during the episode, along confessed to have been unfaithful a few times during their fallen relationship. 

Last week Friday only intensified this complicated web of copious cheating. For those who've been cheated on, as it turns out, there's more than a choice between leaving and staying. You can also decide to get out there and do the most, come back and feel good about levelling the field. 

Nobantu, who came on the show seeking redemption and a reunion with former girlfriend, Vuyo, found herself having to come to terms with the fact that her former flame has moved. Not only that, she's moved on one of the girls Nobantu cheated on her with! 

The intricate tale of the former couple's trouble relationship paints a picture of unfaithfulness that made things awkward in spaces they both frequented. One such source of much public embarrassment dates back to this one time when Nobantu introduced her not-so-former girlfriend to Vuyo as a friend. Later, Vuyo found out those exes had been sharing more than laughs. 

Miss none of it this Friday at 19:00, exclusive to 1Magic, DStv channel 103.