One Night With My Ex
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A Night With My Ex


One Night With My Ex heading to 1Magic

15 February 2019
New reality show to give exes the opportunity to resolve old mysteries and get closer
One Night With My Ex

Are you still haunted by questions of love that might have been? Do you spend nights thinking about the one who got away? Tortured by a life of unanswered questions? If you’re in desperate need of romantic closure, the yearning ends today! 1Magic (DStv channel 103) is calling on all lonely singles, scorned lovers, and deserted dreamers, who need their mysteries of lost love resolved, to join us on its newest relationship show starting this April!

If you have a lost love and want to reawaken what “might have been”, reach out to us on 060 567 9955, and who knows, we might be able to help you reignite the passion, and reunite with that long-lost ex. Entrants must be over 21 years old.

Let 1Magic and Rapid Blue help you reignite the fire of love this Valentine’s month