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A Night With My Ex


3 Things That Went Wrong in Troy & Quevewin’s Relationship

12 July 2019
Troy and Quevewin understood each other but not in all areas...
Troy and Quevewin One Night With my ex

In the first season of One Night With My Ex, we’ve seen 21 former couples revisit their past relationships; whether to find closure or to try and work things out. The surprises and laughs kept on coming in this week’s episode as 25-year-old Troy had a number of unanswered questions from his 10-month long relationship with ex-partner, Quevewin (27).

The two sat down to hash out a number of issues they faced whilst dating, three of which stood out:

3. That Trip to Cape Town

Insecurities in a relationship will ruin any chance of something amazing happening. This is what happened when Quevewin attended a church conference in Cape Town. “I was left at home all alone, [and] in the back of my mind I knew the ex was going to be there because they both attend the same church,” Troy said.

Quevewin insisted that nothing happened in Cape Town. “Why would I risk all I had for one night of pleasure?”

2. The Beef with Quevewin’s Mom

After coming out to his mom, Quevewin also revealed that he’d moved in with Troy. Quevewin’s mom did not approve of their relationship and Troy took it upon himself to try and resolve the issue. “I told her that as a Christian you’re taught to accept anyone who comes into your circle,” Troy said.

And that approach didn’t sit well at all with Quevewin’s mom:

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1. Troy Pulling a Knife on Quevewin

Quevewin reveals that a guy he was planning on cheating with called him while he was at home with Troy. Needless to say, all hell broke loose!

Troy wasted no time and called the guy back!

From there, clothes were thrown out, knives were pulled out as scare tactics and mud ended up all over their home.

Just a mess!